Jonathan-Wilson Park

We were at the park this summer, JUST before the splash pad was ready (Doh!), but a lovely reader (Hi Julie!), was back this week and took some pictures of the splash pad in action. The splash pad opened very quietly, without even a mention on the city’s FB page, and there’s nothing on their website (I searched and searched), but yes, it is open. And luckily there’s a sign posted right beside the water area with the dates and hours of operation. 

This is quite a large park with tennis courts, baseball, soccer, and a path leading from the north end of the park right into the huge and beautiful Parc-nature du Bois-de-l’Île-Bizard where you can walk, ride bikes, tour the boardwalk through the marsh, and even go to the beach!
New this summer was supposed to be an outdoor exercise course, but unless Julie and I were both looking in the wrong spot, we didn’t see anything…Hrmmm. There is however a new (but still fenced) circular area ringed with large stones and some benches that’s going to be…pretty seating? The exercise course? I’ll have to come back to see.

The brand new splash pad by Aquajeux features some toddler items including the water bell, baby spider and baby frog sprayers. On the other side is the tall Wacky Trio with its dumping bucket, water bell, and spraying flower; as well as water cannons, and misty rainbows to run through. Benches are on the edges (they need more, and a picnic table), and note that the splash pad is not fenced and is open to the path and nearby (sand) playgrounds. (p.s. the splash pad pictures are from before and after it opened.)

The two playgrounds are pretty basic. The big-kid area is close to the nearby elementary school and was very sunny when we visited. There’s a GameTime structure with climbing walls, metal rungs, and a high double slide. The only other equipment here are four adult swings. 

Across the path, and past the super cute “take a book – leave a book” library is the toddler area which is delineated by a chain fence. Again, it was very sunny. There’s a small climber with stairs, a cloverleaf ladder, wall gizmos that turn and spin, and short double slides. In the sand are a couple of baby swings, and a metal motorcycle spring rider. 

The playgrounds are…ok, but we much prefer the equipment at the nearby Saint-Malo Park which is bright and colourful and all together in the same area. But the new splash pad now makes this a destination park for residents of the island!

Things to note:
-The splash pad has VERY odd hours. Thanks to reader Michèle Girard for taking a picture of the new sign (in the photo gallery).
From Monday to Friday the hours are 4pm-8:30pm and weekends are 8:30am-8:30pm. Not so great if you want to go in the daytime during the week.
-If you live nearby, the borough also opened another splash pad recently at Robert-Sauvé Park in Sainte-Genevieve. You can read that review HERE

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Big kid swings
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