Robert-Sauvé Park

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This was our third time trying to photograph this park, and while there were a ton of people around at the pool and playing soccer, we were the only ones playing in the playground on a warm evening last week. Phew!
The other times we tried had been during the day and there had been daycare groups.

We parked in the small lot on Rue de la Caserne and went down the staircase next to the pool’s chalet. The sign beside the park says for 2-12 years old, but besides the Pokey the Snail spring rider (marked for 18 months-5 years) and the baby swings, there’s not a whole lot for toddlers to do.

The large climber from Miracle Recreation is stickered with a 5-12 years label and while there are a couple of small slides and a steering wheel on one of the platforms, the only way up is tall metal ladders or a Tot Rock climber/bumpy slide that you can climb up or down. My 2.5 year old was able to get up (with me hovering around), but it’s going to be pretty impossible for smaller guys so this is really a big-kid climber. The other section of the climber has two challenging ways to get to the twirly slide: a really tall metal ladder that curves, or the high plastic Honeycomb wall.
It’s just too bad that there’s not much here for toddlers 🙁

In the rest of the sand playground are some big-kid swings (as well as the 2 baby swings).

We had a look at the pool and the big sign outside says that it’s open to the public! 3.50$ for non-residents. You can check out the details HERE on the city’s website. And in the spring of 2016, the wading pool was converted into a public splash pad. Yeah!!!
With equipment from Pointe-Claire’s Vortex, the splash pad is a welcome addition to the western part of the island, which is really lacking in water parks. 
The animal features include the very cool Frog N°6 with its cascading waterfall, critter water cannons, turnable fish and crab, and an arched snake. The area is fenced on three sides with benches by the open end. The splash pad is open 8:30am to 8:30pm pm all summer, until mid-September.
p.s. I was there around 4pm and there was ZERO shade. 

While I was happy that we were finally able to visit the park and play, it’s too bad that the climber is mostly geared only towards older kids, especially since this area doesn’t have a whole lot of playgrounds. 

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Fenced toddler park
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Big kid swings
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