Kirkland Park

I knew there was a big park and playground in Ville Saint-Pierre and the equipment here was much better than I was expecting!
The park was redone in the last few years as part of Lachine’s revitalization of the Saint-Pierre district.

The play equipment by Kompan is big, challenging, and interesting. Both big-kid and toddler sections are on wood chips and are separated in the middle by a small splash pad.
The big climber is similar to the one we saw at Arthur-Therrien Park in Verdun, but is even bigger with an entire 2nd section. The part we liked best, and that allowed the little one to play on it (a bit), are the big, wide, and safe steps all the way up to the slide. I did follow him up as it’s rather high, but he did fine. 
The rest of the climber is good for big kids and there are all kinds of ropes and rungs, swinging seats underneath, things to cross and climb. Everywhere you look you’ll see another handhold or way to get up and across. In the same section are four big swings and a large stand/sit Supernova wheel. 

The tiny splash pad by Pointe-Claire based Vortex was on when we arrived, though we were the only ones there, and never turned off. The water was even flowing into a drain out of the water area. 
There are a couple of high up spinning flowers and a dumping bucket and then rest of the sprays come out of the ground. 
We checked out the small Kompan climber in the toddler section and this one has stairs/platforms to climb, a short climbing wall, slide, steering wheel, binoculars, and a megaphone. It’s easy to get up and down and a perfect size for the short people. Underneath the climber is a little sand table that unfortunately someone’s tried to set on fire.
There’s also a spinning seat and a couple of baby swings.  This part is also on wood chips and set up from the splash pad by concrete steps. I hate that the little guy just wanted to run/balance on top of the steps. 

No fencing and not a whole lot of shade. We visited on a warm sunny Sunday at around midday and were the only ones there. There wasn’t even anyone in the really nice pool or the skatepark! Not sure if it’s always that quiet. 

Things to note:
-Splash pad hours: daily from 8am-9pm. You can read more about it HERE
-Parking is available on Rue Léo-Péquin, just in front of the pool and the playground. 

Lachine – Kirkland Park from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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