Village Saint-Louis

I only know about this park because in my former life as a real estate agent I sold a condo that overlooked this little park. 
I wasn’t sure “is this just for residents of the condos?”, but nope! It’s a Lachine park. 
The small monster and I parked just off Rue Provost on 36th Avenue and walked down the path to where I knew the playground would be. There is a nice, fairly new toddler park with a small rope spiderweb, a very cute play structure by Jambette, baby swings, and a couple of spring riders. Everything is on wood chips and there are some funky chairs ringing the play area. 
The climber has great stairs, a small rock climbing wall, multiple slides, footprint steps, and a ground level “restaurant” window. 
I got my requisite 17 coffees served to me, paid in wood chips, and I was ALL SET!
Considering there are balconies nearby, this park feels really private with lots of trees and shade. There’s no fencing and it’s quite close to the road, though it isn’t very busy. 

Near the playground are a couple of picnic tables, but they’re in the space right next to the street parking spots. 

There is an adorable little stream just beside the park with some bridges, so we checked those out and then saw the little pond with the fountains. Figuring “why not?”, we continued walking along the path and… “WHAT?” there’s ANOTHER playground! They really need a sign from both parts pointing to the other. 

Right off Rue Dalbé Viau is the big-kid playground, also on wood chips and this one is really close to the road. 
This Jambette climber is also quite new and is challenging and creative. There are ladders and climbing walls, Monsters to scale, swinging steps, and slides. Really interesting bits all over the place. There are also a couple of stand-up spinners that my feet barely fit on, and some swings. 
You can keep walking north up the path and there’s another small pond, some steps and benches. 
This was a great find and I’m SO glad that we took the walk or we never would have found the second playground!

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