Yitzhak Rabin Park

We stumbled across this park while looking for one a few blocks down, and decided to stop here instead because both boys were looking out the window and saw the TRAIN.
“This one. This one!”
We parked on one of the side streets and made our way into the fully fenced and gated playground. Part of the fenced area includes a large grass hill behind the play equipment, so while it IS all enclosed, there are still some very hidden areas behind that hill. 

All the equipment is on sand and in one large area. There is a nice toddler climber from Miracle Recreation with wide stairs, double slide, steering wheel, ladders, and a small inclined climbing wall. There also a ground level door panel complete with mail slot!
Over in this corner is a ATV spring rider, and a toddler sized picnic table. 
But both kids raced past the climber, the baby and big swings and went right for the train, pretty much ignoring everything else!

This train by Little Tikes Commercial is similar in style to the firetruck in Baie D’Urfé’s Morgan Park with gears to turn, and a big dial that clangs a bell. The littlest drove us from station to station, then stared at himself in the fun mirror in the front of the train, and then went back to driving. He just loved it. Nice to have a ground level activity where they can just wander around safely. 

Just beside is the rope and metal big-kid climber from Miracle’s Nexus fitness line. There is a stand/sit spinner, various ropes to climb and cross, and really original monkey bar type rings. This really is a climber as there are no slides or platforms.

For an impressive and imposing slide, just a few feet away is a LARGE, HIGH slide with the only way up being a twisty metal ladder or a vertical rock climbing wall. My 7-year old had some sense of self-preservation and opted out 😉

We went up the hill, left the fenced area and followed the sound of water. “Splash pad!” we all thought.
Along the way we passed an empty wading pool (the sign on the gate says free for residents and $1 everyone else), picked up the toddler after he tripped on the seen-better-days path, slapped a bandaid on his bloody knee, and then came upon a pond with fountains, benches, a bridge, gorgeous gardens, and a waterfall. 
The pictures don’t do it justice. 

This was a good park with some creative new equipment and the toddler was especially impressed 🙂
p.s. if you liked the train here, you’ll LOVE the one at Richard Schwartz Park!

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