Norman-Dawe Park

It’s like we missed the turn for Verdun, and ended up in something from Dr. Seuss’ imagination. This whole park with equipment from Playworld is so creative and colourful, and a ton of fun for both little and big kids. 

We started off in the big, BIG climber which has multiple ways to climb, and swing, and scale. There are rings, metal rungs and ladders, a ground-level seat/arm/workout combo, lots of climbing walls, and three pretty impressive slides. The little one managed to get up one of the ladders (with a little help from me), took the steps up to the slide and came down while I fretted at the bottom because it’s just too high for the littles. 
There are some fraying wooden planks covering some of the steps which is strange as it’s a pretty new structure. 
We stayed over here and played in the baby and big swings and then everyone headed over for the toddler section.

And the toddler section is AWESOME! The climber by Playworld is so fantastically unique and interesting. There are multiple ways to get up including wide stairs, cute round steps, and a bumpy mountain wall. Wall activities include moving coloured balls into the right spot (and learning french, english, and spanish at the same time!), counting, sliding flowers, drums, and holes with different coloured lenses to look through. There are places to sit, things to climb through and across, holes to peek around, windows from which to serve “coffee”, and slides. It’s small enough for the littlest kids, and just demanding enough for older toddlers. 
Just behind it are some activity panels at ground level (letters to trace, bug gears to turn (though not working well, how do they always get full of sand!)), and some musical bits like the Chimes Banner. I always love, love, love accessible panels, except that they’re almost always placed in NON-accessible locations, like sand. 

We also played on the colourful stepping stone buttons and the boys raced in the two ride-on bumper cars. Or possibly skidoos. We all disagreed as to what they were. 

Right in the middle of the park is a lone water feature with misty spray. Pretty minimal, but whatever. If this were my neighbourhood park I’d be thrilled I get to play in the two great climbers AND be able to cool off afterwards!

It was hugely overcast when we were there so it’s hard to gauge how much shade there is, but there are tons of trees around so there should be a decent amount of cover. Partially fenced but mostly open to the road. 

p.s. If you’re using Google Maps to get here, they have this park incorrectly named “Normand Dawe”.

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