Lafond Park

Lafond Park in the borough of Rosemont – La Petite Patrie unveiled their new wading pool, splash pad, and chalet in 2011 after a 1.8 million dollar renovation
After seeing it on Google Satellite, it’s been on my 7-page to-do list all summer and we were lucky to be in the area and got to finally go and have a look!

And it’s got some great features. The first thing we walked past after parking on Avenue Laurier East was the beach-entry wading pool. We were too early in the morning and it wasn’t yet open, but it has dumping buckets for those brave enough to stand under them, a gradual sloped entry and some cute shade structures around the pool deck.
The wading pool, and the washrooms and changing rooms that face it, are open:
Horaire 2017
Du 24 juin au 4 août : de 10 h à 20 h
Du 5 au 27 août : de 10 h à 19 h
And yes, it’s FREE!

If you’re too early for the fenced wading pool, the teensy splash pad is located just outside the chalet and is not locked. It’s open for the 2017 season every day from 9am-9pm. The water features from Vortex include twirly flowers and a small dumping bucket, lots and LOTS of ground jets, and some very squished together misty rainbow rings. It’s a very small space; I’d say too small for the amount of sprayers inside, and probably the number kids who are usually there. There are benches and one picnic table around the outside of the partially fenced area.. If you have kids who wander, just be warned that while we were visiting there were quite a few city trucks driving (albeit slowly) down the paths that are right beside the splash pad. 
Water fountains are also nearby, as is the wheelchair accessible washroom. 

I was lucky (?) that I just had one kiddo with me as the two playgrounds are quite a ways from each other on either side of the pool/splash pad, and with no sight lines. 
Close to the the bright red gazebo is the…delightful (that’s the first word that came to mind!) fully fenced and gated toddler area. All on sand, there is a great Kompan play structure with easy to climb platforms, small slides and climbing wall, and ground-level ledges and a swinging hammock. This is always a favourite of little ones and there are bits to discover all over. 
In the surrounding sand is the 3-kid seesaw/bouncer, the super-duper cute Play Patch that kids can go over or through, the Safari giraffe/forest climber, ladybug spring rider, and in a little round section is the Daisy Desk with clover stools (though it’s missing the daisy bowl part). There are also six brightly coloured baby swings with bench seating behind them. It’s too bad it’s all on sand as it makes the whole area completely non-accessible for wheelchairs, or kids with limited ability. Wood chips (or poured rubber) with just the small sand area would have been a better plan, IMO.) 

Then…pack up your stuff, and travel past the splash pad (or go up and over the big hill, with its great view of the Olympic Stadium tower) and you’ll find the big-kid section with it’s giant GameTime play structure. I’m not going to list everything that’s on this spread out climber, because there’s basically everything. Older kids should like all the swinging/climbing/sliding, and there are a few things that little ones should be able to handle, though it’s definitely not geared towards toddlers. 
The adult swings are nearby (sorta) and at the top of the hill are a group of picnic tables. There are actually groupings of tables in various spots around the park, including quite a few just on the outside of the wading pool fence. You’ll also find a “coffre à jeux” beside the wading pool which is full of balls and toys that kids can use at the park. The instructions for accessing the box are posted above. These are great if you’re a frequent visitor to the park, or if you’re with a daycare group. 

The rest of the park includes a fenced dog run, paths and greenspaces, soccer fields, baseball, terrain de pétanque (or is that bocce?), winter skating, and there are also parent/baby classes happening during the summer. 

SPECIAL NOTE!: SHEEP will be taking up residence at the park for part of the summer of 2017. 

You can keep up to date with the sheep’s schedule by following the Biquette à Montréal Facebook page. You can also read about it HERE
You can see the sheep daily from 8am-5pm from July 26th until August 10th. The sheep graze during the day, and rest in a mobile barn at night, always under the watchful eye of a shepherd. 

Le calendrier de « Biquette à Montréal »
Les moutons vont rester deux mois et demi dans l’arrondissement dans trois parcs différents:
– 16 juin au 25 juillet au parc du Pélican
– 26 juillet au 10 août au parc Lafond
– 11 août au 25 août au parc Beaubien.

Info for the borough’s pools and wading pools can be found HERE.

Parc Lafond – Rosemont – La Petite-Patrie from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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Big kid swings
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