de la Reine-Élizabeth Park

After a date with my 8-year old at the surprisingly cool Maison Nivard-De Saint-Dizier museum and archaeology site, we zipped up the street for a little play time. We parked on Rue Crawford, as it seemed to be the easiest spot to access the playground, and we were also lured by the lemonade stand some kids had set up. With lemonade AND cookies in hand, we walked up the path to the sunny playground and were also rewarded with a splash pad!

The playground is ok. It’s a medley of GameTime equipment including dinosaur spring riders, balance steps, the archaic looking (but still for sale!) metal caterpillar climber, ground-level baseball tic-tac-toe, a toddler play structure with the easy-to-climb “dragon” stairs and slides and ladders. THEN, there’s the stand alone rock climbing wall, and a castle-looking rope climber with a slide. 
Oh wait there’s more. A giant painted concrete culvert, and big and baby swings. Nothing is that exciting, but there’s enough equipment to entertain kids of varying ages. It’s all on sand, making the splash pad the only accessible part. While we were there early afternoon there was no shade over the play equipment, but the mature trees around the edge was shading some picnic tables and benches. 
And while there’s no fencing around the actual playground, it’s quite a ways in from the road. 

The small splash pad with products from Waterplay Solutions includes a water cannon (“I’m going to get you mommy!”), a scary dragon with some especially frightening teeth, and his “body” sprays gentle mist while his tail drenches shoots out the sides. The happy flower sprays high up and then drips from its petals.

From Verdun’s website:
Jeux d’eau
Fin mai à la fin août 2016
Lundi à vendredi : de 9 h 30 à 21 h
Samedi et dimanche : de 12 h à 17 h

The bathrooms were not open when we visited, and has some pretty odd hours. I took a picture of the sign and you can see it in the gallery. 

de la Reine-Elizabeth Park – Verdun from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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