Morgan Park

This is a good park. A really good park. 
Actually, it’s going in our favourite parks AND our favourite splash pads!

The entire park recently underwent a two year and almost 2$ million dollar renovation, and the result is a park with two fantastic playgrounds, and one of the coolest splash pads we’ve come across. 

What’s so different about the splash pad? Well, it’s huge, and except for the two water cannons it’s made up almost entirely of ground jets. And then meandering its way downhill is a “stream” that connects to the original water feature with a trio of statues spraying gentle mist. My two boys (my big one and the nephew) LOVED it and spent over an hour running up and down through the flowing water, ducking under the tunnels made by the arching water sprays, trying to get each other in the face with the cannons, and making dams by lying across the concrete path. There’s something soothing about flowing water, and while I initially sat on the sidelines, I couldn’t help strolling through the water myself. And watching the sequence of water jets was mesmerizing. I couldn’t quite figure out what I found so interesting about it until I was putting together the video and realized the sprays reminded me of fireworks!

Eventually the boys dried off and raced over the big-kid playground with its giant Little Tikes Commercial play structure. The castle-themed structure has some interesting and challenging features including the massive Infinity Web climber, bridges, ladders, rock climbing walls and slides. It’s all on wood chips and just beside are the adult swings.
We had a look at the new outdoor fitness equipment by Playworld, walked past the bike trail and picnic tables, then back up past the splash pad again to check out the toddler play area.
On sand, there’s another castle climber complete with easy-to-climb “stone” stairs, a bridge walkway, multiple slides, ladders, and rope climbers. Benches, toddler-sized picnic tables and baby swings round out the equipment. 
Note: If you’ve got kids of varying ages (like me!), the two playgrounds are at opposite sides of the park with the water section right in the middle. There’s some fencing around the toddler zone, and none around the big-kids’ part. 

The rest of the park features the original stone chalet (with washrooms underneath it, directly in front of the decorative fountain), lounge chairs and picnic tables, beautifully landscaped walkways, and a terrain de pétanque.

There are various restaurants around where you can get a snack or a fancy-pants coffee. Some I’d love to visit on our next trip including Les Affamés which is a couple of blocks west. If you want something quick there’s also a Metro grocery store directly across the street from the park, and a Dairy Queen (“Boys, don’t look out your window!”) just east of the park. 

Things to note:
-The splash pad is on from 9am-10pm. Details HERE.
-Street parking is around the park. Good luck. 
Bathrooms are available in the park’s main building (to the north of the splash pad), and should be open during the day. 

Morgan Park – Mercier—Hochelaga-Maisonneuve from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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    It is a great park I agree with you. I have a year old (he is 1 now) and spent most of my summer in that park with him. I just wanted to add an information might be usefull for families. There is a family/baby/ kid friendly cafe not far from the park.1 et 1 font trois is a cooperative café created by common efforts of the families in the neighbourhood. Little play pool was my saviour when I needed a break or to read or write something. If anyone comes to the neighbourhood with their little ones they shouldn’t leave without stopping by the café. 1418 Avenue Aird. Thanks again for sharing your experience with everyone.

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