Ménard Park

Inaugurated in August 2017, this park boasts a brand new splash pad from Waterplay Solutions which replaced an aging wading pool, as well as an older, but still nice playground. 

Everything is close together, so you can have kids on the toddler climber, while some are in the splash pad, or swinging, or *gasp* you could even sit down at one of the nearby picnic tables or benches.
LOL, you’re a parent, you’re never going to sit down again. Sigh. 

Anyhoo. It was way too early in the season, so we didn’t get a chance to turn on the water, but the modern and shiny splash pad has tall sprayers, tipping buckets, and lots of ground jets. There are two sensors to start the water sequence. 

Just steps away are a huge line of adult and baby swings, and the toddler climber overlooks the splash pad. This structure has easy-to-climb stairs, a slanted mini climbing wall, a “bridge”, and small and larger slides. Very easy to get up and down. 
In the sand is a long wiggly balance beam and a spring rider. 
Just beside the chalet is the larger climber with tons of rungs and ladders, metal hoops to climb through, a climbing wall, and a twirly slide. 

Cross the path and there’s also a large greenspace where you can LET THEM LOOSE.

Things to note:
-The splash pad hours for this borough are 10am-8pm. You can find more info HERE
-The park is fenced on three sides, but completely open by the chalet.
-Everything is on sand.
-The park doesn’t show up on Google Maps, but use the map feature at the bottom of this post, or drive to Place Ménard. Which is also where we parked. 
-The is a chalet here with bathrooms. The hours are marked right on the door, and I also put a picture in the photo gallery below. 

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