Louis-Cyr Park

This park made me crabby. Or rather, the car parking situation did. 
There was about a year in between our first time trying to come here, and when we finally found a parking spot relatively nearby. 
And it felt like we were circling for that whole time.

Finally, after an appointment nearby, we tried again in the off season (which is why the pictures are rather gloomy), and found one empty spot right in front of the splash pad. 

So, unless you want to tear out your hair, this might be just for nearby residents who can walk here!

Anyhoo, onto the park!
There’s a lovely little splash pad here, that we actually saw in action (through the car windows) back in the summer. The fenced, but not gated water area has a couple of benches and picnic tables; the misty frog to run through, tall spraying leaves, and a trio of water cannons. 
Nearby is the fenced and gated toddler playground which has a small play structure with stairs, a steering wheel (maybe it’s a train?), little pods to cross and slides. In the sand is a spring rider and four baby swings.
On the other side of the chalet, so NOT within eyesight, is the big kid area with a tall climber with all sorts of ladders, monkey bars, rock climbing wall, rope bridge, and a slide with a hole (that may or may not be fixed now.)
There are also six adult swings. 

Things to note:
-The splash pad is on from 8am-9pm from the end of May to September. More details HERE.
-The toddler playground is fenced AND gated. It’s all on sand.
-The big-kid area is on wood chips. 
-There’s a nice new soccer field here as well as a dog park wayyy behind. I didn’t venture that far to take pictures. 
-Parking is a bitch. 

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