Petit Park

We were hot on the trail of splash pads that were still open, and on our way to Goulet Park we saw this park, and we could see one of our favourite toddler play structures. 
So of course, we stopped and checked out ALL the equipment. 
Everything is on sand and is mostly fenced, though there is an opening to the road near the chalet/toddler area. 
Most of the equipment is by Kompan and has a interesting big-kid climber made of metal and ropes with a challenging rock-climbing wall. There’s also one of those not-a-slides that we’ve never really figured out. I dared not try it myself but I believe you hang your legs over the side and slide. There is also a stand-up spinner in this section and the climber and the big-kid swings are in great shade.

Over in the toddler area, you’ll get mostly full sun, save for around the eastern edge where there are benches. 
There is the fun and easy to climb toddler structure that has wide stairs and platforms, a rope wall and rope ladder, gentle slides, a mini-sized rock climbing wall, and a platic hammock underneath. 
Near the climber are some Kompan spring riders and a toddler-friendly Kompan seesaw. And then, just like what we found at Poirier Park in Saint-Laurent is a big wooden play box. And the box is FULL OF TOYS! Call the number on the sign to register and get the padlock code; daycares, groups, and parents can then use the toys in the box. The box is sponsored by a few organizations and I think it’s BRILLIANT. 

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