Poirier Park

This park was fairly awesome. Lots of interesting equipment for both toddlers and big-kids, good sight lines between the two areas, a covered gazebo, plenty of deep shade over the toddler section, AND a splash pad. 

We chose this park as our last one of the day because we knew the water would be on (until the end of September 2015!), and because I’ve never been to this part of Saint-Laurent before. After parking at the end of Rue Théorêt, we went up the short path and found some welcome shade under the trees surrounding the toddler section. 

There is some fencing, and though the toddler play area is set back a bit in the corner, most of the park is open to the road. 
This climber from GameTime is almost new (2012), and is compact, fun, and creative and this is just the second time we’ve seen this model. We like the space-age-y Stratus climber, the mini rope wall and the small climbing wall; there are also stairs, metal rungs, a steering wheel, a couple of seats underneath, and slides. 
In the sand surrounding the climber are modern and colourful spring riders and spinners from Xccent Play. One turns, one is like a solo teeter-totter, and there’s the Periwinkle seesaw to go on with your friends. Or your obliging mom. 
There are baby swings, benches, and under the large red gazebo are a trio of clean picnic tables. 
And the super cool part? You’ll notice a big wooden chest with a padlock and sign on the lid. IT IS FULL OF TOYS! Call the number on the sign to register and get the padlock code; daycares, groups, and parents can then use the toys in the box. This is sponsored by a few organizations and I think it’s BRILLIANT. 

The big-kid section has a large spread out climber, also from GameTime, which is attached by a rope bridge to a big spider web structure. There are stairs leading up from the ground to one of the slides, and the rest can be accessed by metal ladders and rungs. My little one was safely able to maneuver up the smaller ladders and get up to the high slide, but it will be challenging for younger kids. There is also a high Typhoon slide with a staircase and rails, and he was very pleased that he was able to climb them on his own. 
He also tested out his ab strength (better than mine), while hanging from the balance ropes. Oh to be 2 again……
While the toddler section is very shady, this part is very SUNNY.

The small splash pad is closer to Rue Hislop and is partially fenced but not fully contained. It’s out of sight from the playgrounds so not ideal if some want to play and some want to splash. The 2 year old pretended to be exhausted and lounged on the concrete chairs, then ran around getting his paws wet. Touch the sensor on the pole and Vortex’s misty rainbow, water cannons and ground jets will start. Very cute and fun for the little guy as it isn’t too overwhelming. 
There’s a chalet right beside but it was closed when we visited on a weekday morning in September. 

The schedule for the splash pad is 8:30am-9pm everyday until the end of August. 

Saint-Laurent – Poirier Park Splash Pad from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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  • Hannah says:

    Without your site, we would never have found this park – thank you! It’s amazing and a nice walk from where we live. For anyone else with a potty-training toddler or kids that don’t want to play at the park in swimsuits, they seem to open the bathrooms around 12:30pm during the week.

    I really appreciate all the work you’ve put into your park reviews. It’s really helped us to get out and explore the area. Thanks again!!

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