Pinault Park

Newly redone in 2022, this park is shiny, bright, and has some fun new products. But, it also forgot about some park users. 
We recently visited Mallette Park a few blocks away and actually noticed the same thing there. And so have residents. 
Besides the swings, toddlers don’t have a whole lot to do at both new parks. A little playhouse, some spring riders, or something geared to their size and age would have been appreciated. 

Anyhoo, the modern climber here IS fun, and both my kiddos always love ropes that they can scale. There are also baby swings, adult swings (THAT DON’T FIT MY BUTT WHY ARE THEY SO SMALL??), an adaptive swing, and a super fun saucer swing. 

The park landscaping was also completely redone and I love the addition of so many various species of trees, the nice path, drinking fountain, and new waste containers, and the ping pong table (bring your own paddles and ball). 

Things to note:
-There’s minimal shade.
-Everything is on wood chips.
-I think permanent tables and a bench are still to come.


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