Boisbriand – René-Lévesque Park

This is a super-interesting park, with a ton of different sport fields, a great playground, and a MEGA surprise at the back. 
You’ll find a large playground (shared with the elementary school), baseball/softball, basketball, a batting cage, chalet with bathrooms, water fountains, winter sledding, a dog park, winter ice rinks, soccer fields, tennis courts, and the AWESOME BMX track. 
Both boys (11&6) tried out the track, and you can read that whole post and see videos AT THIS LINK

The playground has had quite a bit redone recently and has a fantastically weird orbital rope climber, a lovely toddler play structure with easy stairs, mini slides, the great Sensory Wave Climber, a ground-level wall game (race the boats), a climbing boulder, and tall slides.
Across the park is a tall climber for older kids with lots of monkey bars and rungs, and stairs up to the slides. My little one loved the boat structure, which is older but still a load of fun. It’s the first time we’ve seen this (Playworld?) boat and there are bells to ring, stairs, ladders, binoculars, and a ship’s wheel. In the “water” are two windsurf balance boards, and a cute ship bow with a whole slew of drums.
Have a wander right to the back of the park, past the tennis courts and the BMX track is in the corner. Make sure to check the local club’s schedule is you’re coming to ride there. 
Behind the playground is a splash pad that had some nice shade. Touch the sensor on top of one of the poles to start the water sequence. 
This park is so large I didn’t even see the dog park, so I’m assuming it’s somewhere on the grounds!

Things to note:
-The playground is shared with the elementary school, yet there is nothing on the sign about not using the park during school hours. So ya, I’m unsure if there are times you can’t go…
-There are no hours for the splash pad listed on the city’s website. I’d assume 9-9ish
-Brings your bikes for the BMX track!
-There are bathrooms right near the playground, and a couple of water fountains in the park. 

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