Les Coteaux – Audrey Park

The playground at this large park is alright, but it’s the splash pad that’s the focal point. With a super cute railroad and animals theme, there are zebras and giraffes to run through, railroad tracks to follow, and a steering wheel to turn (do trains have steering wheels? I dunno…)
Press the sensor on the train crossing lights post to turn on the water sequence.
The playground has big and baby swings, a section full of spring riders, and a play structure that will be good for older kids, but doesn’t have any toddler-friendly way up to the slides. 

The park also has lots of benches and some picnic tables near the playground, a large field, and two lighted tennis courts. And bring your books to share at the “free little library.”

Things to note:
-There is one of those super cool self-cleaning bathrooms here right at the entrance to the park. But either it wasn’t unlocked yet (it was early morning), or I’m just unclear on the directions.
-I couldn’t find hours for the splash pad anywhere on the town’s website or FB page, but I’d assume the water is on around 9am.
-The only shade is under the structure by the splash pad.

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