Boisbriand BMX Track

The kids have been really into pump tracks since we visited the new one in NDIP, and since I wrote an article about them, we’ve all been searching around for pump AND bmx tracks. 

Seeing one not too far from us, we ventured up to Boisbriand early one Saturday morning (it was only a 23-minute drive!) and were the only ones at this awesome bmx track in Boisbriand. 
There’s a heck of a hike up to the starting gate, but once you get going, it’s a crazy ride to the stop line. This is the home track of the Cycle Max racing club, but we came at off-season and were the only ones there.
The 11-year old bombed around on his downhill bike (not the best choice, we need to get a bmx bike), while the 6-year old decided (finally!) that training wheels were beneath him.
They did the track over, and over, and over again. 
I was sweating, and all I did was take video.

Make sure to check before going that there isn’t a race going on (during summer), or that there aren’t training sessions.

INFO and HOURS for the track can be found on THIS PAGE at the bottom.

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