Raymond-Vidal Park

This park doesn’t show up on Google Maps, but you can find it on Rue Khalil-Gibran, just off of Boulevard Lebeau. 
Surrounded by apartments and townhouses, it’s set down into a little valley-like spot, with a ring of picnic tables, some older exercise equipment, and toddler and big-kid play structures. 
Luckily it was a pretty cool day, as there is no shade over the equipment, but my little one didn’t mind as he clamoured up and down the BigToys climber. There aren’t any stairs, but the tiny rope ladder is easy enough to get up, and there’s also the slanted rock wall, and two mini slides. 
Scamper across the grass and there’s a tallllllll Kompan climber with a vertical climbing wall, monkey bars, a twirly ladder, and those slanted parallel bars that we’ve never been able to figure out. Everything is on sand, and while there is no fencing near the road, the equipment is set back fairly far. 
Note that there are no swings here, in case you really, really wanted to swing. 

While driving home with the windows down, we both said “What is that smell??”
Google tells me that we were driving past Boulangerie Gondole, which had the most heavenly aroma EVER. Next time we’re out this way with more than $3 in our pockets, we’ll definitely stop in. 

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