Angrignon Park

StrollerDad: “Can I skip this outing?” 
“NO. It’s family fun time dammit!”
And we DID have fun. Ha!
This was more than just a quick jaunt to the playground. This was a “packing snacks and more snacks and sunscreen, and water, and the stroller” outing.  I’d sat down at home and zoooooooomed way in on Google Maps, couldn’t figure out where the actual playgrounds were, so with using Google Satellite I had a good idea of where we should park and walk from. We left the car in the municipal lot just down Rue Lacroix (off Angrignon Boulevard and past the metro parking). We paid our 9$ (Sigh) and made our way down the path past an abandoned-looking building, hung a left and followed the lake until we saw the first playground. There were roughly 17 million people there, and most of them were little and hanging off the play structures. 

With two playgrounds, a large lake and tons of room to roam, this park is a great spot for a stroll/jog/walk and an ice cream! There are 10kms of walking trails and 2kms of biking trails. 

The playground has a big kid climber from Landscape Structures with metal ladders and a climbing wall and a couple of slides. It was NOT large enough for the number of kids wanting to climb it. It’s connected by a rope bridge to a HUGE spider web climber. 
BUT, the spider web was out of bounds both by a wood barricade on top of the climber before the bridge AND a metal fence all around it at ground level (it’s since been repaired.)
Across the path is the toddler section with a good small climber. Stairs, tunnel, slides, steering wheel and room to walk around. Except it was soooooo busy there was an actual line up to go up the staircase. 
There is also an interesting mini spiderweb climber with a slide at the top! Very cool, but too hard for the smallest toddlers. 
No swings.
To be honest, it was a zoo. Tons of kids with minimal supervision and lots of garbage strewn around. Wasn’t our favourite place. After stealthily taking some pictures (disclaimer: there were so many kids I actually photoshopped the ones with visible faces out of the final images here) we headed back down the path and around the lake. 

The lake is beautiful. We saw gulls diving for food, butterflies, red-winged blackbirds, and dragonflies.

We walked (strollered) along the 1km long hard-packed lake trail, sat in the permanent lounge chairs, took a couple of breaks in the small patches of shade along the way, and then came to the other playground. We saw it in the distance and the 7-year old said “There’s nothing there!”
Yes, it was small, and there’s no awesome climber, but for some reason, we enjoyed it more here. It was a bit quieter and there were fewer big kids shoving their way around. 
There is a play structure from HAGS Agito line with a weird balance slide and some spinning walls to scale. Big swings, baby swings, a super cute mini spiderweb climber, some balance “mushrooms” and some new ride-ons. Nothing overwhelmingly awesome, but a nice pitstop. 
BONUS! There was an ice cream cart on the path. AN ICE CREAM CART! Is that why we liked it here better? Maybe!
This would be a great place for a family bbq or picnic as there are tons of picnic tables and bbq pits around. The aroma from all the hamburgers cooking was soooooooo delicious. 
The park itself is great and would be fantastic for some serious stroller walking, but the playgrounds themselves weren’t all that impressive. I’d come back, but not necessarily with only the intention of playing. 

Because it is fairly impossible to know where the playgrounds are located within the 97-hectare park, I’ve placed red “Xs” for the playgrounds and the “P” for where we parked. Thanks Google Satellite!
And, a reader let me know that there is a free, brand-new parking lot on the de la Vérendrye blvd side. 

Angrignon Park playgrounds


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