Arthur Zygielbaum Park

Sparkling clean, interesting and creative new-to-us equipment, nice landscaping and an outdoor gym. Yes, yes and yes!
I’d read that this park was recently renovated (though the city’s website still shows the old equipment) and upon driving up the road, said an audible “Oooooooh!”

The new playground features Quebec’s first UniMini and UniPlay structures from Swedish manufacturer HAGS, an outdoor adult gym, and a quiet place to relax on permanent adirondack chairs. 
Going to so many parks, we see a LOT of the same things over and over again. It’s great to find and play on new equipment and kudos to Côte Saint-Luc for their work with Quebec company Techsport Inc in creating a playground with something different!
The UniPlay equipment for kids aged 2-12 is tall but with an easy to climb staircase leading up to a landing and slide. Older kids can cross the elaborate ropes, climb the rock walls, scale the twisted rope net and climb the ball post; while younger ones yell through the talk tubes (that work!), try to complete one of the puzzles that’s at ground level, or try the stand up spinner. In the same wood chip section are two big-kid swings. I even liked the gray/yellow/red combo that’s so different from the overdone primary red/blue/yellow.

Just across the newly-done path is the toddler area with some Little Tikes spring riders, a couple of baby swings, a (real) boulder to climb, and the ADORABLE UniMini “house”.
My 3-year old was thrilled at something just his size, that was both easy to climb, and with some more challenging bits that he could handle. The staircase leads up to the slide and crawl tunnel, a ship’s wheel, a fort; and little ones can also scale the slanted rock climbing wall, or climb the tensile ladder. There are telescopes for spying on your brother, and ground level panels including a pairs game and a letters puzzle. 
The toddler area is all on sand and is quite close to the road (with no fencing). I suspect this part will also be quite sunny in the summer.

Follow the path and you come to a trio of picnic tables as well as Xccent’s Senior Fitness equipment. To be honest I didn’t try out any of the four stations, but I did nudge them a bit with my toe!
It’s all in perfect condition and would make a nice change from the treadmill in my basement had I been so inclined (and not had kids with me).
Head on down the path a bit more to the grassy circular area with its monument to Arthur Zygielbaum in the centre. The proceeds from the book “Faithful Unto Death: The Story of Arthur Zygielbaum” written by Montreal playright Aviva Ravel were used towards the building of the monument. I was so curious as to who said the moving words etched into the monument that I spent a good hour reading about him when I got home. I suggest you do the same, it’s a very moving story. (there are many different spellings of his name, so it took some digging. Here is the Wikipedia excerpt and you can go from there….)

I cannot be silent, I cannot live, while the remnants of the Jewish people of Poland of whom I am a representative, are perishing.
Shmuel Mordecai (Arthur) Zygielbaum

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