Blaise-Closse Park

Super itty-bitty, and just a short walk from Closse Park, this is more like a backyard than a playground. BUT, since our initial visit last year, the entire park has been redone and it’s now quite lovely! I’d love to have this in my backyard 😉
Previously there were a couple of swings, and a slide. Now you’ll find a cute play structure with stairs, a bridge, multiple slides, adorable roofs (is that real tin?), and a ground-level “house” panel and puppet window. 
Kids can bravely cross the crocodile’s back, and go for a spin on the stand-up spinner. 

And there’s a bench. Everything is on sand and there’s some nice shade. And while it’s fully fenced, there is an open gate. 
p.s. It took us THREE tries until we were able to photograph this park. It’s often used by some nearby daycares so despite being on a quiet street, it can get quite crowded. 

Note: I was looking at the double slide and something looked…off. The bottom of the slide is quite high off the ground, and if you look at the sticker on the legs of the structure, the whole thing is about 5 inches too high up from top of the sand. 

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