L’Envolée Park

Just across the street from Léon-Brisebois Park, you’ll find this mini-mini bird sanctuary. It’s really a path between two streets, and we thought “Just how many birds could be in here?”, but it was PACKED with chirping, twittering birds all over. 
We got dive-bombed by a red-winged blackbird, and strolled along with a pair of doves. 

I’d avoid going through here on a bike, first because you’ll scare all the birds, and second because there are lots of low-lying branches. 

I wouldn’t make my way out here JUST for this path, but if you’re at the little playground next door, it makes an extension of your visit. 
You can access the path from Rue Léon-Brisebois or Rue Soupras. 

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