Brewster Park

I apologize in advance for the picture quality and colour. We got to the park, I pulled out my trusty waterproof/shockproof/kidproof camera….and the battery was dead. Sigh. 
So I shot all the pictures on my expensive phone, whose camera seems to be crapping out. Double sigh.

Anyhoo! We were at home on a beautiful, sunny afternoon, wondering what to do. It was close to supper time, so I didn’t want to venture too far. “I want a playground, with shade, and then I want to walk along the water!” I announced to my husband. 
“errrr, ok.” was his enthusiastic(?) reply. 

Lachine it was!
After Google-mapping this one I thought there was a good possibility that there would be a playground (hard to tell, sometimes they’re just a greenspace), and then we could walk across the street to Stoney Point Park and look at the river. 

We arrived and were relieved to see mature trees and SHADE, got over the camera debacle, and then wandered from the toddler park, to the big-kid park and back. 
The toddler park is fenced but not gated,.There’s a decent (but in need of a good scrubbing) climber from Landscape Structures with slides, a mesh tunnel and various ways to get up including the Cozy Climber arched ladder, but no stairs. There is also a sand digger, a few spring riders (careful, the rhino is very broken!), four baby swings, and an easy to use double teeter-totter. 
I don’t know why, but I loved the older but quaint metal fencing around the little park. It was….sweet.

The “older kids” park is bizarre. There are the requisite swings, a turny seat that probably used to turn, an interesting spiderweb climber from Corocord, and….some modern equipment from German company Conlastic. What is that? It’s like a variation on a slide. “YOU CAN’T USE IT KIDS. Just for looking. Just kidding, I think.”
“Try it!” I said to both my older son and my husband, but they just stared at it and shrugged. 
No fencing around here and it’s quite close to a parking lot. 

We could see the water across the street, so we wandered over to Stoney Point park and threw stones in the water and dodged bikes on the bike path. It was beautiful and would be a great place to picnic. EXCEPT for the lack of any toilets. Hey Lachine, If you’re making these great parks where people can spend the day, why not a porta-potty somewhere!

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