Holleuffer Park

I think Kirkland is trying to kill us. We were at this park about 9:30am and it was scorching. “I wanna gooooooo” is what the big guy said (whined)
There’s NO SHADE anywhere.

There is a challenging big kid climber by GameTime with a super steep Zip Slide. Yes I climbed up, in flip flops, nearly fell, then burnt my arm on the slide coming down. “What did you do to yourself??” asked my husband looking at the bruises and scrapes. “I just went down a slide. Really!
It is completely impossible for little kids to get up this structure. No stairs or platforms of any kids, and the metal rungs and ladders are really, really high. After I got over my initial fear, I kind of loved the high bridge (with super safe railings), and there was a great view. And my 6-year old loved it and got to peer through the telescope at his brother below. 

Just beside the large structure is a toddler climber with stairs, double slides, a tube slide; and ANOTHER should-have-been-fun, but now broken activity wall on the climber. My little one loved the side-by-side steering wheels and wanted to try the finger maze but it’s on the outside wall and too high to be reached….
In the surrounding sand are four baby and four big swings, a sand digger, and some old-school metal spring riders
Aside from the burning and bruises, we had a decent time.

NEW in fall 2018 is an outdoor fitness circuit. With panels explaining the different exercises, there is something to do for beginners, intermediates, and advanced. The equipment is near the parking lot and under the trees, but is not really within eyesight of the playground. 

Things to note:
-I was desperate to pee but the chalet was locked when we were there. I took a picture of the opening hours so you can see. Only open after 4pm during the week. 
-(Update 2016: We drove by the park again and noticed that it’s now on a wood chip base instead of sand. I haven’t updated the pictures which still show sand.)
-While the playground area is fully fenced, there are no gates.
-There are a couple of benches AND a picnic table within the fencing. 


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