Ottawa Park

I drove by and thought “Oh! New park!”
But it’s actually only partly redone, and while the two play structures are from 2007, they’re still shiny and cheery looking. 

This was our first foray into Montréal-Nord (Hello!), and this was a pretty cute start. 
With both play structures and baby and adult swings in the same area, it’s easy to watch kids of multiple ages. 
The large structure has multiple ladders and rungs to climb, a rock-climbing wall, and a tall twirly slide. Just beside is the toddler structure with easy-to-climb stairs, metal ladders, and a few smaller slides. In this same sand area you’ll find four adult swings and two baby swings. 
Just beside are picnic tables, benches, and a drinking fountain.

Nearby are more adult and baby swings, and you can also find the itty-bitty wading pool. I took a pic of the rules, it’s in the photo gallery. 

The rest of the park has a beach volleyball court, a fancy-pants synthetic soccer field, tennis courts, an outdoor pool with integrated splash pad, and the Bibliotèque Belleville

Things to note:
-The splash pad is fenced within the pool area, thus I’m not sure if it is for the general public. You can find info HERE
-The playground is in the middle of the park. Street parking was relatively easy. 
-The playground is on sand. There is some fencing, but only along the street.
-The wading pool is surprisingly on the other side of the park from the pool. You can check the link above for hours. 

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