Parc Maisonneuve

Located right across the street from the Valleyfield Marina and super close to the amazing Parc Delpha-Sauvé, this small park has some great tree-themed play structures, a beach volleyball court, picnic tables and benches, and even a porta-potty!

This park is so much prettier than the pictures, but alas, it was a gross day 🙁

The lovely GameTime structures are geared for kids 18months-5 years, and 5-12, and are located pretty near each other; easy if you have kids of varying ages.
The toddler climber has great stairs, a bridge, ladders, a little rock climbing wall, and different slides. In the sand below are talk tubes (that worked!), spinning seats, a small picnic table, and the neat Chrysalis Spinner
There’s also a 4-kid seesaw/bouncer thing nearby. 

Across the path is the bigger climber with ladders and rungs to cross, and some tall slides. There’s another seat spinner, a “hang on!” spinner, and adult and baby swings. 

Then it started to rain and we headed home.

Things to note:
-The park is fully fenced, but there are numerous openings (no gates)
-There was a porta-potty installed just outside of the fence when we visited in early summer. 
-There should be some nice shade from all the mature trees (love those purple maples 🙂 )

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