des Hirondelles Park

A surprisingly lovely playground, a beach volleyball court, and a beauuuuuutiful view over la Baie Saint-François. 
Also, a porta-potty. Score!
(side note: we’ve so far seen a bathroom or porta-potty at every Valleyfield park we’ve visited!)

This small space has a lot of equipment including a bright and cheery play structure, the beach volleyball, swings, an old school metal merry-go-round, a dock going out into the water, and picnic tables. 

The play structure is really nice with easy stairs and ladders for little guys, tall ladders and rungs for older ones, slides, a steering wheel, little seats, and colourful leaves and vines to cross. All together, it’s good for all ages and makes it easy to visit with a bunch of kids. There’s also the adorable dragonfly seesaw, adult and baby swings, the merry-go-round, and a stand alone slide with tall stairs. 

It was the gloomiest, grossest day when we visited, but there was still a cool view over the lake, which was still misty around noon!

Things to note:
-The playground is on sand.
-The park is fenced with gates at the road, but is open along the water.
-From reading online, this seems to be a popular spot with stand-up paddle boarders. 
-There is a porta-potty and a drinking fountain right in the park.

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