Saint-Laurent Park

It was late in the season, and the splash pad/pool/wading pool were already closed, but we were quite excited about this park anyways!
There’s lots of room to walk and toddle around, hills to climb and roll down (great for winter sledding!), trees and grass, a community garden; baseball, football, tennis and football, and a running track. 
“Those people look very athletic.” I thought, while speed-walking after my toddler. 

And of course, there’s a good playground complete with the largest number of adult swings that we’ve seen at any park! You and eleven of your closest friends can swing all together, and there are also four baby swings nearby. 
Everything is on sand, and the toddler was DELIGHTED with the Kompan playhouse. We’ve seen a LOT of parks (500+) and we’ve never played in this particular model. It has stairs, and slides, ropes and sand tables, and little seats in the “upstairs” part. We love playhouses, and they always bring out so much imagination in the little ones. It could be a space station/submarine/fire station/garage! (p.s. some of the wood pieces of the playhouse need repair, and I hope that they’re just repaired and that the whole structure doesn’t get dismantled.)
Through the binoculars we spied a group of excited daycare kids coming, so we scurried to quickly take our pictures. 
Because it’s a large park, the playground equipment is a little spread out (and there’s no fencing) so he scurried along behind me chirping away about the skateboard balances, the mobius strip climbing wall, the overhead Gyro spinner (impossible to reach), and the always popular Bee spring rider.

The structure for older kids has a steeeeeeeep slide, a couple of slides which are more tame, a cute little bridge, ground-level tic-tac-toe wall, a crawl tunnel, and all sorts of ladders and rungs.
There was some shade near the edges of the play area, with one picnic table under a (small) shade shelter.  

The wading pool and splash pad are fenced and supervised by a lifeguard, therefore it has shorter hours than the “open” splash pads. You can 2017 opening hours HERE.

I parked on Rue Dutrisac, and the playground is just steps up the path. 

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