Royal Dixie (Bourque)

Post UPDATED JUNE 30th 2016:

We originally visited this park in June of 2015 and noted that the playground equipment was fairly new, but there just wasn’t much to do for little ones except the ride-on ATV  and the baby swings. It’s like Dorval was reading my mind (or this review), because newly added at the end of June 2016 is an entire play structure from Go-Élan that’s just about perfect for toddlers. It’s got stairs, crawl tunnels, slides, a slanted climbing wall, steering wheel, rope ladder and ground-level activities including a tic-tac-toe panel and a little window. So, yeah! Now kids of varying ages can enjoy this playground. There was some shade over this part of the playground at around 3pm. During the day it’s very sunny. 

Everything is on sand, except for the random cement pads which seem like they should have some purpose….but they don’t.
The Adventure Series climber by Playworld is quite neat and has some interesting features like the Wacky Log, a stand-up spinner, the Vertical Wave ladder, and the Criss Cross rope wall. There’s a rock climbing wall and a metal rung ladder of sorts to access the slide. My short guy tried, but it was just too tricky for him so he just stared at it sadly.

On the other side of the bushes is a dog run that getting a makeover and now has wood mulch for footing. 

There is no fencing of any kind and it’s noisy as it’s right beside the highway. It IS good to have a playground as there are tons of apartments in this area and the next closest park is Dixie in Lachine. 

Mini update spring 2017: I was zipping past on the highway and glanced over as I passed the park. It’s now fenced (but with open gates) and has a porta-pottie!

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