Saint-Roch Park

We’ve never been to Jarry Park. 

I know right? *Hangs head in shame*
It’s going to be its own full-day affair because it’s that big. But we HAVE been to this park which is right beside it, and actually walked up the path into Jarry for about 2 minutes while we chased down the ice cream cart (which then came right into Saint-Roch Park anyways…)

This park has undergone some recent renovations, which mostly included landscaping, the addition of tables and benches, spots to put your BBQ, and a large green space. A parent-baby tandem swing was also added, but even though it was already ice cream season when we visited in mid-May, the swing hadn’t been reinstalled from the fall. It’s for sure up now. 

It was amazingly hard to take pictures at this park because it was packed. Everyone was having so much fun 🙂 But I managed to not look too weird while trying to document the equipment, and focusing on not taking pictures of anyone else’s kids. Whew. 
There are two distinct sections here, with play structures for both toddlers and older kids.
Little kids can climb the big structure, cross the bridge, choose from various slides, or sit underneath at the little table. There are no stairs so it might be tricky for the youngest ones. In the surrounding sand are a spinner bowl, a spring rider, four baby swings, and the Expression tandem swing. 

Just across the path, and with perfect sight lines is the big-kid section with the colourful Evos® climber. Mine always love these components with the rings to climb through, a tall slide, ropes to cross, a spinner, and balance boards to wobble on. There are also six adult swings and a stand-up spinner in the wood chips. 
Parents chatted at the nearby tables and benches, and kids ran to and from each section.

Things to note:
-The toddler section is on sand while the older kids area is on wood chips. 
-This park is right beside the indoor Saint-Roch swimming pool.
-The park is partially fenced, but there are no gates AND it’s near a train track (which you have to cross to get into Jarry Park)
-There’s a toy-sharing bin in the park with instructions on the lid about when it’s unlocked. 
-Make sure to look up at the amazing mural right across from the toddler park. Beautiful!
-We parked on a nearby street, just read the signs carefully (as usual)
-You can read about all the recent renovations to this park HERE

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