Gabriel-Sagard Park

If you’ve got a toddler who likes to stay on terra firma, they’re going to love all the ground-level play houses at this park. With little benches, puzzles, and dials, the trio of Playworld houses have a ton of tactile elements and let little kids touch, touch, touch!
There are also a couple of baby swings in this area.

Just steps away and separated by a kinda fence, is the 5-12 area. The play structure is cute, with its triple slide and rock climbing walls, but older kids probably won’t find it very challenging. There are 2 adults swings in this area. Maybe bring along their skateboard so they can practice in the small skatepark which is directly beside the play area. 

While the kids frolic, you can work out on the nearby fitness equipment (ellipticals and bicycle), or sit at one of the benches or picnic tables.

Things to note:
-There was some shade when we visited on a sunny afternoon. The fitness and picnic table area were fully shaded. 
-Everything is on wood chips.
-There is no fencing, and the 5-12 area is quite close to the road. 
-The greenspace has some lovely mature trees, great for picnics. 
-We could NOT figure out what the number flags were for. Any ideas?

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