Senneville Park


This large park is home to the city’s pool (with a little splash pad), soccer fields, a pretty gazebo, tennis courts, beach volleyball, basketball nets, winter skating rink, and a small playground. 

The playground is quite plain, with big and baby swings (in separate areas), and a faded play structure with ladders, monkey bars, and slides that will be impossible for toddlers to use as there’s no easy way up. 
So little ones have the baby swings and…sand. My 5-year old was unamused. 

We spied some overgrown walking paths behind the playground that sort of seemed like they were usable paths, but we weren’t sure so didn’t go exploring. Anyone know?

Things to note:
-Near the playground are benches and picnic tables. 
-The playground is on sand. 
-There was some shade. 
-This park is also home to the George-McLeish Community Centre.
-Pool details are HERE. It’s for residents only. 

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