Nathan Shuster Park

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This park will be on our FAVOURITES LIST forever, because it’s THAT GOOD.

Nathan Shuster Park was re-opened in September 2014 after a million dollar upgrade that updated the layout, design, and equipment.
The highlights of the playground? The REAL zipline, the elevated rope obstacle course, and the treehouse climber.
There are quite a few sections to the playground: There’s the toddler zone with play equipment from GameTime that includes a Log Crawl-Through, a ride-on, big and baby swings, mushrooms to hop across, and creative Vine Ladders. The only sand area has a toddler climber with stairs, steering wheel and slides; and “fossils” are buried in the sand (bring your sand shovels and brushes!).

THEN…..there is the big-kid section. Wow. After visiting over 500 playgrounds (800 now!), my older son is hard to impress. But this park remains his NUMBER ONE pick. 
The equipment is placed in a circular course and is all on wood chips. Start at the huge spiderweb climber from Berliner which connects by a rope bridge to the zipline. We visited the park realllllllly in the morning and were lucky to be the only ones there, but later on I overheard another mother saying this was their first time doing the zipline as there are usually a ton of kids.
Grab the rope, jump on, and “WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”
There is a surprisingly big kickback when you get to the end of the line, so little kids might get a bit of a scare. You can even hear my “Arrrrrhhhhhhh!” in the video 😉
But, it was ridiculously fun. From there run to the suspended bridges, webs, and ladders that make their way to the TREEHOUSE. 
Also, pretend that there are crocodiles below you. Or lava. 
GameTime’s treehouse is beautiful and full of little details. From the owls, to the smokestack and the spiral “wooden” staircase inside, it’s original and fun. It’s marked for 5+ but with some help my little one was able to climb the inside staircase, and then come back down the little slide and the long tube slide. Missing from the video is me shrieking my way down the tube. I am not as brave as my kids.
Hop along the tree stumps, cross the fallen log, scale the rope to the top of the rock formation and declare a winner!
Then do it all again.

The rest of the park has big-kid swings, picnic tables, a large gazebo with benches and lots and lots of trees. My only complaint was that we were uncomfortably covered in mosquitos. We always bring sunscreen but I hadn’t thought to pack bug repellant. Also know that there is some poison ivy in the woods, so don’t go traipsing through the brush. 

Things to note:
-There is a water fountain, and a very small bathroom (the concrete stall on the south-east corner of the park.
-No fencing, but it is far in from the road and surrounded by forest on three sides. 
-We street-parked on Chemin Wallenberg and walked on the paths through to the playground, or you can park in front in the spaces along Chemin Collins.
-bring bug spray and don’t touch the plants!
-We visited at about 8am, I’m told the park gets MUCH busier later in the day.

Côte Saint-Luc – Nathan Shuster Park from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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