Chamberland Park

We weren’t sure what to expect from Saint-Laurent’s description of “water games” and a wading pool. So we were pretty excited when we drove up and saw this awesome fully fenced and gated splash pad within a shallow wading pool!
It was 10am and the gates to the splash pad and pool were still locked with no one around, so we headed around the corner to the park and decided to wait it out. 

So, the playground: We had come directly from Alexis-Nihon park and the play structure is almost identical. So we just continued our game of “the sand is a swamp and there are crocodiles” and tried our best to not get eaten 😉
This is a very, very creative climber from Landscape Structures’ Evos line. There are rope walls, swinging pedestals, a hard to reach slide (not toddler-friendly), balance boards, hoops to crawl through….All sorts of stuff. 
It is probably NOT meant for toddlers, but my 2.5 year old was able to climb a bit of it and seemed content. 
There are big-kid swings with some attached monkey bars and rings, and The Dish from German Conlastic that the big guy loved. We’ve only ever seen this large spinning dish at Mount Royal’s Salamander Park. A couple of spinny seats and a balance skateboard round out the equipment. 
There are NO baby swings and NO specific toddler section. Also, NO fence of any kind around the playground. 
Kind of odd, since there will obviously be little kids playing here since there’s a splash pad……

At 10:25 we found a lifeguard outside of the chalet and were told the wading pool/splash pad would open at 10:30.
This splash pad with equipment from Waterplay Solutions is different than all the other ones we’ve visited as it’s right beside the pool, and because there is standing water it’s overseen by a lifeguard at all times. There is a looooong list of rules posted on big boards that you can only read once you’re inside the enclosure. 
I love that the water area is like a beach entrance, nice and shallow to just a bit deeper. The water never reaches high at all and is safe for little kiddos, but new walkers will need a helping hand. There are two magic buttons to turn on the different sections. One controls the buckets, giant flower and the cannons, and the other does the softer sprays. 

There are a couple of benches within the fenced area and a little bit of shade covers them, but the water is mostly in sun. 

I’m not sure if I like the security of the fenced wading pools/splash pad better than the “come-and-go as you wish” freedom of the splash pads within parks. My little guy didn’t want to go in the water AT ALL, so he had to just sit and watch his brother as there was no play equipment within reach/view. 

You can check out the wading pool/splash pad hours HERE

Saint-Laurent Chamberland Splash Pad from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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