Gariépy Park

Oooooooh, a park with almost all the equipment made by Kompan is always interesting. This is the first time that we’ve seen this little car and both boys were enthralled. There are flaps with handles for door, rubber bits to get to the pretend gas tanks, straps that move and flap, a seat, steering wheel and gear shift. We went on a “trip”, but ran out of gas 🙁
I LOVE these ground-level play structures that are just SO safe for little people. And love them even more when they’re interesting and have lots of bits to explore. 
In the same sand section is a 4-kid ride-on/teeter-totter thing that the boys kicked me off of. (Yes, I’m going to end that sentence with a preposition

The rest of the park, including the big and baby swings are on wood chips. 
There is a toddler climber, but without stairs. They can climb up the ladder or a tiny rock wall. It’s very small but cute and colourful. The larger Nereide climbing structure is similar to the one at Arthur Séguin park in Pointe-Claire. It’s another Kompan brand and has bizarre things to climb and two super fast spinners. “Hellllllllp meeeeeee mommmmmmmeeeeee!”
We were a bit puzzled as to what we should DO on it. So we ran back to the car!

There was no shade on the play equipment, except for a bit on the East edge. It will be full sun most of the day 🙁
Except for the amazing shade over a couple of the benches. Actually, I’m kidding. There were these big metal structures behind the benches with….wires. Like they SHOULD have been for some sort of shade but they decided to make them into clotheslines instead. Huh.
There is also a clean picnic table beside the benches. 
The park was tidy, pretty new, and with good sight lines between all the equipment, but there was NO fencing of any sort and I felt uncomfortable with the busy street not that far away. 
Also, parking here was a b*tch. Took us three tries down the same street to find a spot. 


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