Aimé-Caron Park

Saint-Laurent has a lot of great playgrounds. 
This isn’t one of them.

While the park itself, with its accessible chalet, outdoor stage, and Trekfit circuit is good, the two play areas could definitely use an overhaul. 
There are two seperate areas, one in full sun (bigger kids), the other in full shade (toddlers). The play structure for older kids is alright, with ropes to climb, a tower, and slide. Nearby are two baby swings. 
Toddle past the gazebo (which also needs TLC) and across the little bridge and there’s the toddler part. 
With a little “post office” building, a dino spring rider for two, and baby swings. 

And..that’s that!

Things to note:
-Street parking is very, very difficult. I parked in the lot at the nearby grocery store. 
-There is no fencing around any part of the park or playgrounds. 
-Bathrooms and drinking fountain are available 

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