Bourbonnière Park

Every year when I was a kid, we’d travel from Pointe-Claire to Sears in the Place Vertu mall to buy our back-to-school clothes, followed by a lollipop whistle at the bakery/candy store around the corner. It’s such a vivid memory, and I was trying to get my mom to remember the name of the bakery…”The one with all the candy! Off of Cavendish!” The best we could come up with is it might have been a Cantor, and now it’s driving me nuts. 
This story actually has a point, because parc Bourbonnière is RIGHT across the road from Sears. So, total flashback. 

We previously visited this playground in 2016, when it was just me and the little one for the day, but knowing that part of the park was being redone in 2019, and having my doctor’s office nearby gave me lots of opportunity lately to stalk the construction. So it was just days after the recent reopening that my 11-year old and I drove by, saw the fences were down (woohoo!), and stopped in to explore. 

The playground has been nicely redone and repurposed, with some of the still-good equipment from the old park kept, while colourful new accessible rubber flooring was installed, a tall climber was added in fresh wood chips, and some super interesting inclusive products are featured. 

In the middle of the park, and the middle of the action, is the new OmniSpin® Spinner which will fit a load of kids, has transfer spots from a wheelchair or walker, and tired out my arms. Ha!
Kids were lounging in it, taking turns spinning, shrieking, and the littlest ones were coaxing their parents to turn it “just a bit more!”
Steps away is the great Roller Table™ which my guy found super hard (not a bad thing), and tried it out on his front and back, while I took the opportunity to tickle his feet. The table is super for working arms and/or legs, and provides a cool sensory experience .
Among the other new products is the tall climber with overhead grips, cables to climb up the tower, double slides, fun balls to cross, and what we dubbed the “surfboard.”

Reused are baby swings, adult swings, a couple of spring riders, the Blazer 3-kid bouncer, a small and easily climbable Kompan play structure, and the big Garden Seesaw close to the wading pool. You’ll also find the new Friendship® Swing on rubber surfacing. There were a lot of kids using this, and we were lucky to get a chance to try it!

The supervised wading pool/splash pad has a gradual beach entry and fun products from Waterplay Solutions including water cannons, tall spraying flowers, and the misty whale tail. For any info on the pool including prices (?) and hours, I’ve put the link below. There’s also a nice clean pool chalet which has bathrooms and drinking fountains. 

Things to note:
-In the middle is a gazebo which is about the extent of the shade for the park, and though there’s some fencing, it is open to the roads to the east and west. 
-There’s no parking along Cavendish, so you’ll need to go around to the east side of the park. We parked on Rue Cazeneuve, just in front of the chalet.
-This is not a come-and-go splash pad, it has different opening hours as it’s supervised. You can check out the wading pool/splash pad hours HERE.

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