Duquette Park

This is SUCH an adorable park. 
Newly renovated and reopened in 2019, both the toddler and big-kid playgrounds have been completely redone, there are new swings in place (including our favourite Expression tandem swing, and an awesome mini bike trail to get your little ones zipping along on their bikes or scooters. 

We really enjoy Kompan’s Robinia line with its wood “forts”, cute critter spring riders, and subtle colours, and this park has these products in both playgrounds. 

The toddler area is all new, fully fenced and gated, SHADED, and has two adorable houses in which to play. One has easy-to-climb stairs, slides, and spots to sit, while the other is ground-level with windows and a bench. Gah, so cute! It really reminds me of a fairy tale. 
There are also two spring riders, a shovel for tossing about the wood chips, spinners, and a separate sand area with seating. 

Dance past the new swings (one baby, one adult, and the Expression Swing), and the new big-kid area is just up the small grassy incline. 
All on poured-in-place rubber surfacing, there’s a fantastic Robinia play structure that is both challenging with its climbing and crossing sections, while still having a great accessible staircase up to the slide. 
Nearby is a stand-up spinner, balance boards, and a rope climbing net. 

In the rest of the park you’ll find more baby swings (set off on their own), a very, very small splash pad leftover from the old park, and a wheelchair-accessible porta-potty. 

We visited before the park furnishings were installed, but it looks like picnic tables and benches will be throughout the park. 

Things to note:
-Only the toddler playground is fenced and gated. The big-kid section is open. 
-Bring your tricycles or bikes for the little bike path! Love it!
-The water at the splash pad is on from 9:30am-9pm daily. Touch the sensor to turn on the water. 
-There is some great morning shade over the two playgrounds. So much that it was hard to take pictures with the bright sun and dark shade!

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