de la Ferme-Brodie Park

It took me FOUR tries, but we finally made it to this park!
attempt #1: circled for parking, finally found some, misread the sign, had to leave.
attempt #2: circled for parking, finally found some, got out and 30,000 daycare kids were running towards the playground.
attempt #3: circled for parking, finally found some, got out and the skies opened up in a vicious thunder storm. 
attempt #4: success!
Thankfully, it was a nice park. But yes, street parking around here is a pain. 

Reopened on September 19th, 2014 after a complete renovation of the playground by Tessier Récréo-Parc, the new de la Ferme-Brodie Park pays tribute to the site’s history as a 19th century farm
With a colourful and adorable tractor and farm themed GameTime play structure, the playground is geared towards kids between 18 months & 5 years old. Everything is on a rubber base, and besides the large tractor, there are two stand-up spinners from the sleek and modern Urban Design Berlin, as well as four baby swings. (No big-kid swings here!)
I was a bit surprised to not find any stairs leading up to the top platforms of the play structure, especially since it’s meant for little kids, but there are two fairly easy to climb ladders, a low platform, as well as some harder to scale curved and twisted ladders. I loved the ground-level farmers’ market window, and the kiddos liked climbing over the Lo Stratus Climber and trying to get up the rock wall. As I walked around taking pictures and the boys played, I kept tripping over the rubber “hills” surrounding the equipment. I think I have no depth perception….

While the playground is partially fenced on three sides, there are no gates and it’s open to the picnic table and rest area as well as down to the street. For such a small space there are a LOT of places to sit, though none in the actual play area. There’s also a drinking fountain. 

The rope climber in the adjacent school’s yard is usable but this area is forbidden during the week from 7:30am-6pm. There were people playing on it on the Sunday that we visited. 

And because I’m a total nerd, I found and read this paper about the history of Saint Henri. You can read it HERE!

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