de la Maison Valois (Je Suis) Park

This is a large park with a Biiiiiiiiig treed area with benches and picnic tables scattered around in the shade, the Maison Valois, a building with a water fountain and bathrooms (and baby changing table!), canoe/kayak/pedalboat rentals, and views of the Baie de Vaudreuil with the Ile-aux-Tourtes bridge in the background. There is also a porta-potty in case the building is closed. 

And there was an ice cream truck…

…that was open at 10am on a Monday. Hooray! We split an ice cream sandwich 🙂

The actual playground is visible from Avenue St. Charles and an easy walk from the parking lot.
But, I was kind of underwhelmed. 
There are two decent sized, older climbers from GameTime and everything is on sand. The climbers are close to each other, and both have stairs, but it’s those steep, shallow metal stairs that make it impossible to climb down. “No, no. The stairs are only for UP!”
Together the climbers have slides, steering wheels, a tunnel, chain ladder, sky wheels, more slides!, a hard-to-climb “rock” wall, little stepping….steps, and tic-tac-toe walls. 
There is also a kangaroo spring rider from Jambette and two baby and two big swings. The swings were the only equipment in the shade and the rest was full sun. Strange because there are so many trees, they’re just not blocking the sun!
My little one was more interested in the rest of the park than the playground so we walked towards the back, found a cute bridge, threw rocks in the water, checked out the bathroom, ogled the canoes “Not yet shorty!”, got an ice cream, peered in the windows of the historic house, and looked through the titles in the CUTEST EVER lending library, which you can find in 10 Vaudreuil-Dorion parks. 

This was my favourite ever exterior art installation, but not my favourite playground. I’d come back to rent a canoe, maybe play, and we’d bring a picnic next time too. 

This park is host to many festivals and events throughout the year (including winter). You can follow the “Je Suis” cultural FACEBOOK PAGE to keep up to date. 

For boat rental information including times and prices, click HERE
NEW IN 2017: The city has installed “toy-sharing” bins in the playground where you can borrow toys while you play, or bring unused toys from home to share with others. You can read more about it HERE

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