des Siffleurs

It was pretty and colourful and hot. And then really hot. BUT, we got to pretend to be space cowboys so it was worth it.

This is a bit more than a neighbourhood park as it has two really good climbers. The kids are always a bit perplexed about the Landscape Structures big-kid climber/rope/rings combo from their EVOS® line, but I find they really use their imagination when playing on it. Usually it’s “WATCH OUT FOR THE LAVA. Oops, there goes your hat!” or something along those lines. 
This play structure has net climbers, the Ozone Climber rings to clamber through, a hard to get up slide, a twisted spider web, things to stand on and bounce on and balance on. I kinda like it. 
It’s in full sun and on sand. Actually, the whole park is in full sun. There are a couple of trees but they’re just in the wrong spots. Silly trees.

About 50 feet away is the toddler climber from Quebec-based Jambette which is also colourful and interesting. My only complaint? For a structure geared for 18months-5 years, there are no stairs and no other easy way to get up. My 2.5 year old could do the ladder rungs and the mini climbing wall with footholds (with my hand giving his little butt a shove up), but smaller guys might find it tricky. Once you’re up there is a cute activity wall where they can spin…chicks? I think they’re chicks. And then… can take off to the moon! The Space Shuttle cockpit with gears to shift is the cutest. If only the window wasn’t so dirty we could have seen the view from space. 🙂

There are baby swings here on the sand, a ride-on canoe and frog, and then on wood chips are the big-kid swings and an adapted swing. Best thing here: There are two handicapped parking spots nearby with a concrete ramp to the adapted swing.

NO fencing at all and some things are close to the road. 
NEW IN 2017: The city has installed “toy-sharing” bins in the playground where you can borrow toys while you play, or bring unused toys from home to share with others. You can read more about it HERE

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Fenced toddler park
Baby swings
Big kid park (5-12)
Big kid swings
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