Douglass Beach (Lac Brome)

GENERAL NOTE FOR ALL BEACHES: For all information, rates (if applicable), reservation details, and more, make sure to visit the official website BEFORE going. Water quality, maximum capacities, and staffing issues change often and may affect openings. 

On our way to our awesome “Flintstones camping” in the Eastern Townships, I wanted a spot off of highway 10 where we could stop for a bit to play and eat our packed picnic. A beach sounded ideal, as I enjoy lounging; so with a little Google Mapping, and some online searches, I found this small beach that was just about 10 minutes off the highway, and within a 30-minute drive to our next destination.

My husband looked rather alarmed when I mentioned a beach on Lac Brome. Reading his mind, I assured him that the lake was not FILLED WITH DUCKS, and ignoring his skepticism, we drove along the picturesque lake until we reached the easy-to-find beach. Parking was the only entrance fee and cost us 10$ for the day (though we only stayed about an hour), and there’s no per person fee, which was nice.

There’s a large parking lot, a lovely building that houses the kayak rental booth, a canteen, washrooms, and change rooms, and where I saw a Hippocampe beach wheelchair parked.

There are plenty of picnic tables, many shaded, and while the beach is very small, there was plenty of room to spread out when we were there on a warm Saturday. The sand here is NOT soft and fluffy, but the boys enjoyed filling their buckets with pebbles and tried to catch minnows in the shallow water.

We ate our picnic and were on our way! This was a nice, short pit stop, and the beach is just minutes from the utterly adorable town of Knowlton with restos, shops, antiques, and a grocery store where we stocked up on beer!

You can find all the rates and the beach schedule HERE

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