Lucien-Manning Park

This park is quite pretty, and is a mix of new and older equipment with some updated landscaping, and with all the play equipment on wood chips. 

It could use some larger trees scattered around the toddler areas as there is no shade on those parts, but there is some shade around the edges of the big-kid section and on the outskirts of the water area. It would be hard to supervise kids of varying ages, or very small kids, as everything is set apart and in their own little sections. One section for a teeter-totter; one section for the toddler climber; a section for the big-kid climber; and the ride-on firetruck by Jambette is VERY close to the road. The park is fenced but with a wide open section near the road.

The toddler climber has stairs, a loooooong crawl tunnel, slides (currently broken in 2018), steering wheel and a tic-tac-toe wall. There’s also a little balance/bounce platform set in the wood chips. Behind it is the modern seesaw from Xccent Play, then some big swings (with one adaptive swing), a two-kid spring rider space rocket, baby swings, an Expression parent-baby tandem swing, and under the trees is the larger climber. There are no stairs, but lots of monkey bars, another tunnel and a couple of slides. In this corner you’ll also find the porta-potty (yeah!), a nicely treed area with a picnic table, and a working water fountain. All that’s missing is a place to change. 

Smack in the middle of the park is the small splash pad by Waterplay Solutions Corp. It is bright and has a colourfully painted base by Tennis Mapa Inc in a “Fire” theme. Love that the fire theme continues throughout and kids can use the Carronade water cannons to “put out the fires”, turn the tall Spiral Spray, and run through the ring of flames with its misty spray. The magic button to turn on the water is on the ground. 

My little guy was enamoured with the large firetruck from Jambette with two steering wheels and seats, but the black plastic was super-duper hot on his delicate thighs 😉 LOVE that the Ile Perrot fire department put one of their stickers on the truck. Cute. 

L’Île-Perrot – Lucien-Manning Park Splash pad from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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Fenced toddler park
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