Parent Park

After visiting the amazing L’Aquaciel water park, we strolled around the back of the Sports Centre and came upon this little oasis of a park. While the splash pad had been hot and super busy, there was no one at the playground and there was tons of shade and a nice breeze.

There are two sections here; a toddler area on sand with a fun climber, and a large climber (also on sand). Just the big and baby swings on are wood chips. 
Almost all the equipment is by Quebec-based Jambette and having just been installed in 2010 is still very shiny and new-looking. 
The toddler structure is interesting and creative and has easy-to-climb stairs, a safe bridge, multiple slides, an interesting rope ladder, rock climbing wall, steps made of feet(!), and at ground level is a crawl tunnel and a ledge. 
There’s the unique Periwinkle seesaw from Xccent Play and a couple of dinosaur spring riders. 

Not very far (but far enough as there is no fencing, and the super busy Boulevard de la Vérendrye runs right behind the park), is the big-kid climber. This one has metal rungs and rope ladders, a slide, monkey bars, a super steep rock climbing wall, and the high off the ground open bridge that always bring out my fear of heights!

We really enjoyed the shade and the HUGE trees, and there are some picnic tables and benches which would make for a nice picnic after the splash pad. 

NEW in 2017 is the outdoor fitness equipment for mature adults (55+)
I took the photos in the gallery below before the large sun shades were set up for the season, so it IS nicely shaded while you’re working out.
You can read more about it HERE


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