Pomminville Park

A lovely playground.
A dismal (car) parking situation.
And sooooooo much sun.

This nice new playground that finally opened last year (after years of delays) has two play areas for toddlers and 5-12, great landscaping, and a bit of grass to run around in.

After many, many drive bys every time we were in the area, we were relieved when one day it was – ta da! – DONE!
And then I lost my forking mind trying to find a place to park the car. You’re not even allowed to drive down the “residents only” street that runs directly beside the park (oops) so you’ll have to park a somewhere else. It’s a pain. 
But, there’s a phase 2 happening right now, which I hope to God is some parking spaces nearby. 


The play areas here have cheery and colourful play structures, both with stairs and slides, while the larger climber has cool rings to climb through. 
There’s a neat cable climber that heads upwards, and toddlers will like the smaller rope climber that’s close to the ground. 
There are also two adult swings, two baby swings, and a saddle seat spinner. 

Things to note:
-There is not a drop of shade.
-Parking is a pain. 
-The park is almost completely fenced.
-Was there a picnic table here? I don’t think so. It could use one. 

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