Sainte-Odile Park

We visited this park back in spring of 2018, and when writing it up at home, I read that it was about to be almost completely renovated. 
I laugh/cried.

So….we came back in early spring of 2019, and the boys loved the new changes. Lately, they’re all about ropes and cables and climbing, so this spread out rope structure was spot on. They balanced, climbed into the “nest”, tried to shake each other off, and taunted each other from either side. 
Awwww, brothers. 
There are also new adult swings, a fun saucer swing, a spinner, and a stand-up seesaw. Reused from the old park is the colourful play structure with ladders, a bridge, and slides. 
Bonus is the laaaaarge picnic table and lounge chairs that are right beside the playground. Would be a great spot for schools and/or birthday parties!

Way across the middle of the park, and not within eyesight, is the toddler park. Slightly redone, the pre-reno play structure remains while there are shiny new baby swings, and TWO Expression tandem swings. 
This area could use a bit more pizazz, like some spring riders, or a dinosaur dig, or…something else at ground level. 

All-in-all, a good park, with great changes in the big-kid area 🙂

Things to note:
-The new big-kid playground is all on wood chips. There is fencing by the road, but it’s open to the rest of the park. 
-The toddler park is fully fenced, but not gated. It’s half sand, half wood chips. There should be good shade in the summer. 
-New furnishing including benches and accessible picnic tables can be found throughout the large park. 
-Street parking is available near the playgrounds, but read the signs! We parked on Rue Sainte-Odile, near the church. The playground is near de Salaberry. 

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