Square du Nordet

The 6-year old gave this park a score of “One million and six. Plus sixteen!”
Which I think is good.

We were returning home from some hospital appointments, and having taken the day off of school, the warm spring day was a great time to have an outdoor picnic. Armed with expensive Starbucks sandwiches, we ate, played, ate, and leaped off the X-wave 37,000 times. “Watch this!”

Part of the local sustainable development plan adopted by the borough in 2017, Bois-Franc families can enjoy this new square, which was completed in October of 2018. Less than 500 metres away is the new Square du Rambler, which has swings and greenspaces. Together they provide greenspace, rest areas, and two distinct playgrounds.

This park is very, very different. Which we like. You won’t find traditional swings and a sandbox here. Rather, there are modern and funky rope structures up to slides, bright spinners, a long wave to cross, and accessible rubber flooring. The “crow’s nest” and boat climber was a hit, as were all the spinners, which really tired out my old mom arms. 

If your kids enjoy climbing, sliding, and spinning, they’ll probably enjoy this park!

Things to note: 
-What’s a “nordet”? I had to look it up
-There are plenty of benches, but no picnic tables. 
-There is no shade at all.
-While there is grass to run around on, there is no fencing at all around the park.
-A drinking fountain is located near one end. 

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