Square du Rambler

After visiting the very fun Square du Nordet, we walked the 500 metres to this equally new park.  Er, not so much a park, as it is a lovely square with benches, gardens, and swings.  Of course, as usual, we were there too early, as some of the swings had not been reinstalled from their winter rest. But, the fantastic Expression tandem swing was already (still) up, and there is space for 2 baby, and 4 adult swings. All the swings are on a poured rubber base. There is NO other playground equipment, so make sure to do both this park and Nordet! Part of the local sustainable development plan adopted by the borough in 2017, Bois-Franc families can enjoy this new space, which was completed in October of 2018. Together with the new Square du Nordet, which has climbing structures and spinners they provide greenspace, rest areas, and two distinct playgrounds. Things to note: -There is not a speck of shade. -No fencing. -There is a drinking fountain. -Most of this area of Bois-Franc have streets named after aeronautics in homage to the old Cartierville Airport that previously stood here. You can read about the Rambler airplane HERE!

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