Cousineau Park

This park underwent quite an update in 2018 with refurbished tennis, basketball, and baseball courts, as well as the addition of ping pong and picnic tables. 
The play areas got some new equipment; new concrete borders and wood chips, and things like fencing and lighting were redone. We came for a visit once everything was complete and spent about an hour playing at first the big playground, wandering around, and then playing at the other playground which I hadn’t even known existed.
Close to Rue Deguire is the large-ish play structure which had its neighboring cable climber replaced with a shiny new
Netplex® climber. The play structure from 2001 was reused and has multiple tall slides and ladders, and a slanted climbing wall that the 6-year old was pretty proud he could scale on his own. 
Nearby are two adult swings, and within eyesight is the fully fenced and gated toddler area. I don’t think this part underwent any big changes, and you’ll find a small Kompan climber, baby swings, and a triple-kid spring rider/seesaw.

Walk past the tennis courts and baseball field, and there’s the other playground! This one has more adult swings, a metal climber, and a stand-up spinner that made my big-kid have to lie down with nausea afterwards.
“Are you sure you want to spin that long?”
“I’m fine!”

This large park is also home to picnic areas (including one space that’s covered), , baseball and softball, basketball, a winter ice rink skating oval, tennis and pickleball courts, a dog park, and a chalet (that was closed when we visited).

-Google Maps doesn’t show this park for some reason, so it’s on the corner of Poirier and O’Brien (shown in the map below).
-Street parking is available on the surrounding streets but read the signs. 
-There’s a chalet with bathrooms but it wasn’t open when we visited. 


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