The Morgan Arboretum

Winter 2018-2019: Click HERE for sledding information.

The arboretum has been on our summer list of “things to do” for the past three or four years and we’d always run out of time. 
With nothing to do (phew!) this past Sunday afternoon, we decided to go even though it was pretty gloomy and overcast outside.
The clouds didn’t make much of a difference because the trees were just about glowing with colour. 
The entrance to the arboretum is quite easy to get to, Chemin des Pins is just west of The Ecomuseum, so you can follow directions for there. 
We drove up the drive and stopped at the little house to pay the entrance fee. It was 20$ for our family or you can pay adult/child/student/senior rates or get an annual pass. Prices HERE (scroll to the bottom). And then we continued for a minute to the parking lot near the orange/yellow/green trail. The gatehouse is open from 9am to 4pm, but we were told you can stay on the trails until sundown.

There are a lot of rules to follow and I suggest having a look at the WEBSITE before you go. There are absolutely NO dogs allowed other than those who have a membership and have gone through screening. 

We picked the 3km orange trail to follow as it seemed doable for the 6,7, & almost 3 year old (We walk a lot!) You can find the TRAIL MAP HERE.
We had a quick stop at the chalet bathroom as it’s the only one around and then set off. There are information panels along the way, tons of benches in interesting and quiet spots, and lots, and lots of trails and trees. 

We were glad to have picked up maps at the entrance because sometimes the paths intersect. Everyone loved it and it took us about 1.5 hours to do our loop with lots of pauses to read the bench plaques, smell trees, pick up leaves and acorns, and have a snack.

A beautiful afternoon and I’m happy we got in a visit before the snow!
The arboretum is part of McGill University and they often have lectures and demonstrations. You can see upcoming events HERE and all the various activities HERE. In the winter there are also groomed snowshoeing and cross-country skiing trails.


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